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Not for the Glory

Not for the Glory
A History of the
Moncton Fire Department

By Pamela K. McCaughey (Ritchie, BEd'80)
Tribune Press, Moncton, N.B.
ISBN 0-919488-72-2

This book traces the development of the city's fire department, from the days of the bucket brigades to today's high-tech trucks.

Comprised of 352  pages of text, over 275 vintage photos and eight pieces of original artwork,  the book covers 120 years. Examined are the people responsible for organizing and commanding the department, changes in firefighting equipment, and the impact placed upon the profession by changing technology. Other issues dealt with include organized labor, Critical Incident Stress, major fires in the Moncton area, municipal government input, and the community and charitable i involvements of the firefighters.

The book is the first major project produced by the Moncton Fire Department Historical Society.

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Reader review:

Hi Pam! I have actually read the book twice!!!

I am truly amazed at the level of detail and information in this book. This is the first fire history book that I have read that the text is actually dominant over photographs... a refreshing change. This is a real historical document that shows many hours (years?) of input. I really enjpoyed reading about the various personalities and "characters" that are an integral part of any fire department. Although I am a bit of a technocrat in that I enjoy the equipment and technical is really the people that bring a fire department to have captured this important fact with great attention to detail, accuracy, and quality. I continue to read sections of the book and I did take it on holidays with me when our family travelled to Saskatchewan (Moose Jaw and The Battlefords) for the last week and a half (We have a couple of friends who are pilots in the air force, including one that I graduated high school with that is the lead solo for the Snowbirds! His name is Wayne Mott... nice to see a New Brunswicker leading the pact The fires in BC and Alberta have kept the weather hot and hazy...lots of residual smoke, and a bit of ash even in High River. Not good for the locals in the Crowsnest Pass area...pretty scary.

Take care and I will get back to you once I sit down and read some of your UFO crossovers.
Cheers for now, Mark